Embroidered Vintage Linen Lavender Sachet Pair

Embroidered Vintage Linen Lavender Sachet Pair



Two pretty sachets crafted from repurposed vintage linen guest towels. You'll receive both with this listing—one butter yellow and one mint green. They measure approximately 5" x 3". The yellow sachet has tiny embroidered flowers in lavender pink and green with blue dots. The mint green sachet has pink and blue flowers, darker green leaves, and trailing swirls of yellow. The backs of both are plain and use the same fabric as the fronts.

Each of my sachets is filled with a mixture of French lavender buds and buckwheat hulls—the lavender for it's intense scent and the buckwheat for lightness (lavender can be expensive and heavy for shipping, using buckwheat helps offset both these issues). Customers have told me that the scent lasts for years and years; just give them a squeeze to refresh the scent!

You can use these sachets in your linen cupboard to repel moths but they're really too pretty to hide away. Lavender is renowned as a sleep aid so keep one on your bedside table for those nights when you're having trouble falling asleep.